Welcome to Meet the Green!

Our Mission

Through classes, workshops or internships you’ll gain valuable knowledge, get real, hands-on experiences and deepen your connection to the glorious green side of our world.

At first glance the world of plants can look just like a big ‘green wall’. It can be daunting to know where to start.

Our mission is to support you in going beyond that wall, and to really ‘Meet the Green’. We’ll help you broaden your awareness of the plant life that surrounds you day to day, and enrich your life experience on many levels.

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Join us for half to full day programs on wild edible and medicinal plants, herbal actions, medicine making, herbal first aid, flower essences, how to cultivate your own herbal garden, food as medicine, and much more.

We also offer 12 week internships for those looking to go more in depth with their knowledge and experience with growing and preserving medicinal foods and herbs.

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Come Discover a World of Green!