The Essentials

Herbalism is the study or practice of working with herbs for a medicinal and therapeutic effect. Beyond that, there are about as many definitions of herbalism as there are people practicing it. Sweet old abuelas in the American Southwest and nationally certified doctors in Europe. Ayurvedic doctors in India, and Shaman's in the forests of the Amazon. And folks from all over the world just trying to heal themselves from their gardens. These can all be considered herbalists, practicing some kind of herbalism.

Herbalism at Meet the Green

At Meet the Green, we come at our teaching from the perspective of a type of Western Herbalism called Vitalism. Vitalism is based on the belief that every living being has a vital and intelligent life force. This type of herbalism focuses on cultivating that vital life force to affect healing. This is done through giving herbs, but also through supporting healthy nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional habits. The focus is on encouraging a person's health through raising their vitality, rather than just treating an illness. 

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